Website Performance Optimization, Made Simple

Rigor Optimization enables you to take action to fix performance issues, improve operational efficiencies, reduce MTTR, and drive better business outcomes.

One of a kind solution

Rigor helps you create and deliver faster

Optimization is the only solution that takes monitoring data, analyzes it, and provides step-by-step guidance to help you prioritize and fix your most severe performance issues.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Align teams around common performance standards and minimize finger pointing. With Rigor you can easily prioritize the things that matter to the business and align siloed teams (Developer, ITOps, UX) around a culture of performance.

Reduce MTTR

Take the guesswork out of root cause analysis and improve the mean time to resolve (MTTR) with detailed insights into performance defects, categorized by team, that seamlessly integrate into your continuous delivery process for fast and reliable remediation.

Improve Time to Market

Easily integrated into CI/CD pipelines, with Rigor you can find issues earlier in the development lifecycle and deploy fixes to improve code quality without sacrificing speed to market.

Build Faster Digital Experiences with Continuous Performance

Explore best practices for how to effectively integrate and manage performance as an integral part of your software development process.
The Rigor Difference

Rigor Optimization is your competitive advantage

Other solutions simply provide the data. Move from data to action by delivering personalized and prioritized insights into how you can optimize your websites.

Largest Database

300+ Performance Standards

Audit websites and web applications against the largest library of over 300+ performance best practices to identify issues. Rigor provides optimization opportunities for HTML, Javascript, CSS, Fonts, Images, Video, Mobile, SSL, Compression, CDN, and more.


Prioritized Issues

Rigor automatically surfaces and prioritizes the most impactful optimizations. Rigor categorizes issues by type, severity and responsible team (Development, Operations, UX & Design) so the right people get the right information at the right time.


Built-In Expert Guidance

Get step-by-step instructions for quicker root cause analysis and fast defect remediation. Not a performance expert? No problem! Rigor’s built-in expert guidance explains what each issue is, why it's important, and common causes to help you quickly debug and resolve issues fast.


Compare Side By Side

Track performance over time against key performance metrics. Use comparison reports to validate performance gains or regressions to justify the impact of your performance improvement initiatives.


Enforce Best Practices & Set Performance Budgets

Automate best practice policies, and pass or fail builds based on custom performance standards. Automate many of the manual activities involved in maintaining fast websites.


Integrate into the CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate performance testing into your continuous delivery process quickly and easily with turnkey integrations into your favorite CI/CD solutions with our first class plug-ins or our API.

More optimization opportunities

Optimize and prioritize what
matters to your business

A wide variety of optimization types enable you to identify defects in development or testing environments and focus on addressing the front-end code issues that impact performance and user experience.

3rd Parties

Blocking JS, API dysfunction, single point of failure


Responsive design platform issues


Lossless and lossy optimizations, modern image format validations

CSS & Fonts

Critical path rendering, font format optimizations, minification


Codeflow, outdated libraries, slow loops or poor DOM Interaction


Streaming and seeking, MP4, WebM, Bitrate and profile settings, animated GIFs

Server Configuration

Compression, cookies, caching, redirects, crawling and SSL


HTTP/2, persistent connections, origin settings, edge node caching

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people have questions about Rigor Optimization. Here are a few, go nuts.

What sort of recommendations will Rigor Optimization make?

Rigor Optimization will audit your website for 300+ performance best practices, looking at images, CDN configuration issues, compression, video, CSS, fonts, JavaScript, backend server response issues, caching, WordPress errors, HTTP errors, SSL errors, and so much more.

Can I just run Rigor Optimization once, fix everything, then cancel?

Technically, yes. But you really wouldn’t want to.

Maintaining performance is not a one-time activity. It requires ongoing analysis over time.

The more code that is shipped, the more people you have publishing content, and the more changes are made to the website, the more you are at risk for deploying something that negatively impacts your speed and performance. In addition, you might accidentally undo a previously applied best practice.

Just like functional testing, running Optimization scans against your website on a regular cadence is necessary to prevent performance degradation over time.

What type of organizations find the most value in Rigor Optimization?

Customers that find a lot of value in Optimization tend to share the following in common:

  • Companies with high volume transactional websites, especially ones that generate revenue
  • Teams that don’t have time or bandwidth to manage performance improvements manually
  • Companies that see value in user experience
  • Organizations that publish new content to websites regularly
  • Companies on a mission to drive alignment among siloed teams (Dev, Ops, UX).
  • Marketing agencies looking to drive web performance value to clients
  • Companies managing hundreds of pages, domains and assets that change frequently
  • Companies that need to validate their performance initiatives are driving performance gains

How is Rigor Optimization priced?

Rigor Optimization is priced by scan. If you’d like to request a quote customized to the needs of your business, please contact a Rigor Specialist. 

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Can I see an example of what can be provided with Rigor Optimization?

Yes! Rigor offers a free “Web Performance Report” which is a very light version of the solution and highlights some of the features of the full solution. You cannot evaluate the value of integrations or applying the solution to a DevOps process, but you can get a feel for how the solution audits a site against its list of best practices.

If you’d like to explore the platform in depth, please contact a Rigor Specialist to get set up with a free trial.

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