Monitor your employee’s digital experiences

Monitor SaaS applications from corporate locations to ensure your internal websites, intranets and apps are fast, functional and reliable.

The Value of SaaS Experience Monitoring

Digital experiences impact employee productivity

Monitoring the SaaS applications that power your business is essential. Whether public apps like SFDC, Office 365, or intranet applications and APIs, it is critical that you have visibility into and monitor what matters most. Ultimately, you need to fully monitor the availability and experience of your employees using these business-critical applications, and verify that your vendors and partners are meeting their Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Better Visibility Inside the Firewall

Gain clear visibility into the performance and user experience of on-premise applications, intranet apps, and internal APIs. No longer bound by
‘server locations’, container-based Docker technology allows you to gain deep insights into the performance of any web-based internal system behind your firewall.

Global Insight Into Public Cloud Apps

Ensure the public cloud apps like Office 365 and SalesForce are fast and available. Measure the uptime, latency, and user experience your employees experience from any device, on connection type from anywhere around in the world.

Pinpoint & Resolve Issues Quickly

Use continuous monitoring to help pinpoint local issues affecting performance and accessibility of mission-critical internal applications, from any location. Set performance thresholds, alerts, and prioritize and route issues directly to the proper teams (Development, UX, Ops) so they can resolve accessibility or performance issues fast.

Hold 3rd Party Vendors Accountable

Get a clear line of sight on the third-party vendors that are impacting your internal sites applications speed and performance. Hold them accountable for their SLA standards of performance.


Private Locations Expand Visibility Behind the Firewall

Explore how Docker-based 'Private Locations' can provide access to monitor internal or local applications behind the firewall...
How Rigor can help

Deliver better digital experiences for employees

More than monitoring, Rigor enables you to take action to improve your employees’ digital experience on any internal website, application or API - in any environment, from any location.

Monitor both internal and external applications for better visibility
Gain visibility into the performance and availability of any public cloud app internal website, environment or API within minutes.
Identify performance problems before they impact your employees productivity & user experience.
Container-based Docker technology drives visibility behind the firewall and allows for easy setup and maintenance.
Track, trend and alert on 44+ user experience metrics like Time to First Byte (TTFB), Time to Interactive (TTI), and First Contentful Paint (FCP), etc to easily identify regressions over time.
Easily pinpoint API failures even across complex, fragmented systems.
Alerts that work the way you do
Get real-time alerts on uptime or configure custom thresholds that reflect your performance goals.
Flexible alerting methods include phone, SMS, and email.
Integrate easily into your existing workflow by pushing notifications into Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Datadog and custom webhook integrations.
Resolve UX issues fast, or prevent them altogether
Easily identify the root cause of failure and spend your time fixing issues rather than hunting for them.
Categorize issues by type, severity and team (Developer, ITOps, UX) and get step-by-step guidance to remediate issues fast.
Visualize what you need, when you need it
Flexible reporting and executive dashboard widgets make it easy to visualize trends and KPIs over time.
Socialize trends, regressions and comparison reports with key stakeholders easily with sharable links, automated emailable reports and more.
Access prepackaged Domain Performance Reports for third-party vendors make enforcing SLAs simple and efficient.

Free Analysis of Your Website Performance

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SaaS Experience Monitoring
Frequently Asked Questions

What does “SaaS experience monitoring” mean?

SaaS experience monitoring refers to the end-user experience and availability of an internal cloud-based or web applications. Monitoring SaaS applications can be helpful to gain insights on how your employees are experiencing the mission-critical applications your organization uses globally.

Examples of these types of programs include MS Office365,, Slack, GSuite, Yammer and more.

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Which Rigor products & features would be needed for a SaaS experience monitoring solution?

1.) Rigor Monitoring, to collect, track and trend data over time, run performance testing in lower environments and prevent UX issues from impacting users.

2.) Rigor Optimization to fix digital experience issues fast.

3.) Rigor Private Locations to enable both solutions to operate on internal applications behind the firewall.

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Can Rigor help me with my SLA management?

Yes! Rigor allows you to monitor the availability and performance timings of both websites and APIS, allowing you to validate any SLA, from simple to complex.

Rigor provides dedicated Uptime and SLA reporting to show exactly what the

Rigor can be run from locations around the world, or from private locations inside your offices or infrastructure. This ensures that we are collecting data where your employees are, to truly assess if an SLA is being met.

Rigor allows you to share results and reports with your vendors without needing to create an account for them.

Additionally, the interactive waterfall chart will help you pinpoint exactly what the issues is and the impact it’s having on your site. Flexible reporting options make it easy for you to generate and share the results with vendors.

Learn more about how Rigor can help with front-end user experience monitoring.

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Are there any SaaS applications or situations in which Rigor may not be the best fit?

Rigor is best suited for monitoring applications or APIs that use HTTP/HTTPS.

Rigor can perform basic TCP/UDP monitoring of internal systems for legacy systems that are not web-based, but is not comprehensive.

Customer Testimonials

Shop LC Review Rigor


CTO, Shop LC
Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.


Dir. Site Reliability, Grubhub
Being able to confidently make data-driven decisions is the greatest value Rigor brings to our team.
Blue Apron Reviews Rigor


Dir. Engineering, Blue Apron
From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor Optimization is helping us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle as we speak!
Akamai reviews Rigor


Site Reliability Team
The new performance metrics will for sure bring additional value during the data and performance analysis!


Digital Team
Rigor has beyond exceeded our expectations!


DevOps Manager, Decker's
If there is an availability or performance issue, Rigor is definitely one of the first to spot it!


Vice President
With Rigor’s third-party management data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance.
Carnival Cruise Line Reviews Rigor


Sr. Performance & Monitoring Architect
We are not only using Rigor Optimization in our development process; we also use it with our marketing and content teams to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression.

Matthew Justice

Director Engineering
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team.
Shop LC Review Rigor

Vineet Vishisht

CTO, Shop LC
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team

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