The Ultimate Guide to GIF Optimization

Given the popularity of GIFs, it is critical to understand how they impact web performance of websites and web applications. In this guide we explore the 2 best ways to optimize GIFs for web performance....

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APIs In Action: A Guide to Monitoring APIs for Performance

The rise of microservices, single page web apps, and the continued dominance of native mobile apps have made APIs the heroes of the modern web. In this guide, we'll explore the impact APIs can have on your business, how to get a critical line of sight into the performance of your APIs, and best practices for maintaining healthy performance.

Building Faster Experiences with Continuous Performance

Today, the ability to build and deploy apps, site and digital experiences fast is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s an expectation. In this paper, we explore best practices for developing a continuous performance management playbook and how to effectively integrate and manage performance as an integral part of your software development process.

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A Guide to Google PageSpeed Insights

In this white paper we'll explore Google PageSpeed Insights and how to use PageSpeed as part of a larger approach for improving web performance and user experience. We’ll cover the basics of PageSpeed Insights and learn best practices for integrating PageSpeed into your broader web performance strategy.

API Monitoring: The Basics

APIs are the engines that businesses rely on to power their applications and outpace their competition. But, too often, companies neglect to properly monitor these critical components of their digital experience.

This white paper will help you ensure you are delivering the best possible digital experience for your users with fast and functional APIs.

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Digital Experience Monitoring & Optimization

There are a range of tools available to help businesses gain insight into their user’s digital experience.

In this white paper, we break down the differences between synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, and digital experience optimization so you can choose the best solution to help you meet your performance goals.