Best Practices Based on the Real-world Experiences of a Performance Guru (60 mins)

You see it every day: frustration at the slow speed and poor performance of today’s web applications across all industries. Your intended audience simply will not tolerate a bad online experience. Instead, they will abandon their shopping carts, bounce, and take their business elsewhere.

It’s more important than ever before for companies to prioritize site speed improvements and performance initiatives, but it remains challenging for leaders in DevOps, performance, and tech to elevate the awareness of this issue internally. To do so requires the ability to effectively demonstrate the direct and measurable impact that performance optimization has on strategic business objectives.

In this talk, seasoned performance architect Alla Gringaus shares real-life examples of instances in which she was able to guide three different companies, from an international media brand to an advocacy organization, to an understanding of how performance impacted their business objectives. From driving internal advocacy and alignment to garnering executive buy-in at the highest levels in support of performance, she will discuss the techniques she used to achieve success.

Join us as Alla shares details on how to:

  • Identify the root of poor-performing areas of a website or application
  • Illustrate the impact that speed and performance deficiencies are having on the business
  • Approach fixing speed and performance deficiencies
  • Demonstrate the ways that improvements impact the business
  • Drive executive buy-in and internal support for performance initiatives



Alla Gringaus
Performance Solution Architect
Alla Gringaus, Creative Director, UX and Visual Designer, The American Kennel Club
Alla has over 2 decades of experience with well-established technology and media brands such as TIME, People, Economist, American Kennel Club and many others carrying hands-on and leading roles in front-end development and UX design.
Billy Hoffman
Chief Technology Officer, Rigor
Billy Hoffman CTO Rigor
As a former security penetration hacker, Billy was paid to find vulnerabilities and exploit the front-end weakness in public websites and applications. And that was all it took to ignite the interest and passion to pursue a career in web performance. Now the CTO of Rigor, Billy builds and innovates on solutions necessary to drive performance forward.

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