Building the Right Performance Management Tools into the DevOps Process (50 mins)

For many of us, automated performance testing is the dream. It is the key to faster deploys, more streamlined workflows, and better user experiences for our customers.

However, integrating performance testing into your DevOps process can be a very intense and difficult process, impacting multiple teams and involving a broad spectrum of tooling, strategies, and best practices.

It all starts with a clearer understanding of the types of performance management solutions available today and a deeper awareness of how these tools work together to drive the results you want.

In this talk, we’ll deep dive into the six classes of performance and optimization solutions you should be leveraging, explore the insights and power behind certain tooling combinations, and review best practices and considerations for how to level up your current site performance and optimization strategy.

In this 50-minute webcast, we’ll explore:

  • Strengths & weaknesses of 6 classes of performance management tools
  • How to leverage combinations of tools to drive better insights and outcomes
  • Benefits of combining solutions to gain more visibility into site performance
  • How to incorporate performance and optimization tools into the CI/CD process
  • Strategies for automating performance testing and improving your optimization strategy



Rich Howard
CEO, Optimal
Rich Howard Optimal
Rich Howard is the founder and CEO of Optimal, a digital consulting company that helps enterprises to measure and optimize the performance of their websites. Rich and his team offer a range of services, including front-end monitoring and optimization, deep-dive analysis, seasonal readiness preparation (for Black Friday / Cyber Monday type events), content delivery network setup and tuning, APM setup and load and stress testing. His knowledge of the performance space spans the full stack – frontend, backend, infrastructure and content, led by a strong focus on data, analytics and insights and customer experience. Clients include: Sephora, Total Wine, Williams-Sonoma, Vodafone Group and The Hartford.
Billy Hoffman
Chief Technology Officer, Rigor
Billy Hoffman CTO Rigor
As a former security penetration hacker, Billy was paid to find vulnerabilities and exploit the front-end weakness in public websites and applications. And that was all it took to ignite the interest and passion to pursue a career in web performance. Now the CTO of Rigor, Billy builds and innovates on solutions necessary to drive performance forward.

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