Explore Key Plays & Fumbles Impacting Big Brands this Holiday Season (50 mins)

For DevOps teams of big brand retailers, preparing for the holiday season is like training for the Super Bowl. And just like the Super Bowl, whether you play or simply spectate, we all wait in anticipation see how the game plays out, revel in the successful runs, and cringe at the avoidable fumbles.

For those of us in the web performance or user experience space, this is where we see our efforts pay off as lifts in conversions and revenue growth for our companies, and where we identify the improvements we must tackle next year.

In this webcast, former Chief Performance Architect for BNY Mellon, Francis Cordon and Chief Solutions Architect, Stephen Krauska, will explore the successful ‘plays’ and ‘fumbles’ that impacted 3 top online retailers this holiday season and the lessons we can carry with us into 2019.

In this webcast, we’ll:

  • Explore the key strategies used by the most successful retail brands this Holiday Season
  • Identify the most impactful game day ‘fumbles’ that left big brands falling flat
  • Lessons learned and practical best practices to ensure a successful 2019



Francis Cordon
Chief Performance Architect, BNY Mellon (Former)
Chief Customer Officer, Rigor
Francis Cordon Rigor Speaks on Holiday Web Performance Trends
Francis Cordon is an renowned thought leader in the digital and web performance space. With over 20 years in the tech services and performance space on both the software vendor side, as well as leading the Performance Architecture and Application Performance Management practices for BNY Mellon, Francis has dedicated his career to the pursuit of establishing results-oriented performance practices and creating an industry-recognized performance maturity scale to help organizations evolve. Today, Francis serves as the Chief Customer Officer for Rigor, and leads the customer success, pre-sales engineering, technical support and professional services teams focused on evangelizing digital experience best practices, identifying solutions and helping organizations improve performance across the entire application development lifecycle.
Stephen Krauska
Sr. Solutions Architect, Rigor
Digital Performance Expert
Stephen Krauska Rigor Speaks on Holiday Web Performance Trends
Stephen Krauska has spent his entire professional career supporting and enabling customers. As the leading edge of Rigor’s professional services team, “Faster as a Service,” he currently consults with enterprise businesses — across industries including e-commerce, media, finance, and more — in their endeavors to improve digital experience and web performance. Krauska is an avid speaker, author and thought leader within the web performance and optimization space.

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