Building Faster Experiences with Continuous Performance

With a DevOps culture shift and increased automation of performance management, it’s more important than ever that companies have a good understanding about how continuous performance management can help deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences. Learn how you can leverage continuous performance in this e-Book.

Pagespeed Insights

The purpose of this e-Book is to help readers understand Google PageSpeed Insights and how to use PageSpeed as part of a larger approach for improving web performance and user experience. We’ll cover the basics of PageSpeed Insights, how to review PageSpeed results as part of your web performance strategy, and how to address 10 performance optimizations that can improve your PageSpeed score and help you deliver a better user experience overall.

APIs in Action

You rely on microservices and APIs to drive your website and deliver valuable content to your users. But, are you monitoring them? In this eBook we help you understand the basic functions of APIs, why it is important to monitor APIs, and what types of features you should look for when implementing systems to monitor API performance.

The Book of GIF

No matter how you pronounce them, GIFs are prolific. This eBook is a comprehensive guide on how to optimize them.