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Digital Experience Monitoring and Optimization for eCommerce

Is your digital experience attracting and retaining customers or sending them to your competitors? Customers demand fast, consistently reliable digital experiences. Slowly loading pages, laborious checkout processes, and performance bugs don’t just tarnish your brand’s image, but they can also harm your bottom line.

Rigor’s continuous performance monitoring helps eCommerce companies of all sizes gain a robust understanding of their user’s experience with front-end monitoring that provides valuable insights and the tools to respond accordingly.

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Realtime API Monitoring and Testing

From microservices to the spread of single page web apps and the continued dominance of native mobile apps, APIs are the engines that businesses rely on to power their applications and outpace their competition. Whether they are internally-created or third party APIs, it is imperative that modern companies ensure the APIs they depend on are available, functional, and fast.

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Digital Experience Monitoring and Optimization

Rigor enables you to deliver fast and reliable digital experiences to your end users. With continuous monitoring and alerting, Rigor equips you to track common, mission-critical flows from the user perspective, detect performance problems instantaneously, and correct bugs before they impact your users. Discover how Rigor can improve your bottom line by downloading the PDF.