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Shop LC, originally known as The Liquidation Channel, was created in 2007. The company offers a vast variety of jewelry, accessories, skin care products, home décor, and more. In addition to the thousands of products Shop LC  offers on its website, the company also leverages its TV channel, mobile app, and customer care agents to sell products to a vast network of customers around the world.

Shop LC’s parent company, VGL Group is the largest online retailer of jewelry and lifestyle products. We spoke with Vineet Vashisht, the Chief Technology Officer for VGL Group, to discuss how Rigor helped the company make smart business decisions driven by data.

Why Did You Need Synthetic Monitoring?

Shop LC is an international company, so it’s important to have real-time visibility into website performance across the globe. Rigor gives us the insights we need to consistently identify and prioritize the key performance issues impacting our user experience. By leveraging these insights, we’ve implemented optimizations to improve our customer experience and drive our business KPIs.   

Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

Vineet Vashisht, Chief Technology Officer, VGL Group

Vineet VashishtVineet Vashisht, Chief Technology Officer

How Did Rigor Help You Make Data Driven Decisions?

When we were approached by a new CDN about reducing our operating costs we were intrigued, but weren’t willing to switch CDNs without understanding how the new CDN might impact our site’s performance. Using Rigor, we were able to compare the two options over two weeks and discovered that our page load times were 50% lower and our render times were down by 30% with the new solution. This, compared with the increased cost-effectiveness of the new CDN, made the decision clear.

How Does Rigor Help Your Business?

Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions. Using Rigor to compare and contrast digital technologies has allowed us to make thorough business decisions with speed and transparency.  

About Vineet Vashisht:

Vineet is the chief technology officer at Shop LC’s parent company, VGL Group. He is responsible for all technical aspects of VGL Group and works to transform VGL Group into a dynamic, agile, and global organization. As part of the Executive Management team, Vineet strives to boost top line revenue and reduce bottom line expenses utilizing technology. Connect with Vineet on LinkedIn

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