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Global Fashion Brand Dives Deep Into Performance
Doubles Black Friday Conversion Rate

Fast Facts:

Who: $5 billion global luxury brand focused on fashion, jewelry, and apparel
Founded: 1981
Headquarters: London and New York
Industry: Luxury retail
Use Case: Holiday readiness planning

The Problem:

A $5B high-end fashion and apparel company with a robust online presence needed to speed up a slow site and address the rising tide of customer complaints to their support line.

In particular, the Technical Director of Cloud-Native Architecture and Infrastructure, who is in charge of overseeing the use of performance technologies across the business, sought to not only receive alerts on performance degradation but have hands-on assistance in identifying opportunities for optimization and where to take action first.

The Solution:

The company decided not only to take advantage of the Rigor platform but also to engage Rigor’s performance team for routine deep-dives into the site’s performance.

The Technical Director found value in the Rigor solution’s ability to track, trend and alert on over 40 performance metrics, including user-centric performance timings, connection timings, and more.

The Rigor platform tracks, trends, and alerts on over 40 performance metrics.

However, the high fashion retailer was looking for more optimization guidance than many monitoring solutions can offer. During the evaluation, the Rigor solution rose to the top of the list because it did something other solutions could not, including delivering actionable, department-specific, prioritized recommendations about the exact performance issues that the customer was experiencing.

They then took it one step further and engaged the Rigor professional services team for hands-on implementation of this advice.

Web Performance Best Practices

Through a close look into the site’s performance using Rigor’s optimization platform, the team was able to help identify that the company’s marketing department had added 6.5MB of unoptimized content, which contributed to the slow performance for their users.

The team made optimization recommendations that included:

  • Implementing lazy loading of a critical video
  • Enabling browser-side caching
  • Optimizing lossy images
  • Using Rigor as a “guardrail” in the QA process

The Result:

“Prior to Black Friday, Rigor helped us deep dive into performance and make appropriate changes to our home page to make it more performant as well as outage free.”

Rigor Deep Dive Into Web Performance

With Rigor’s guidance, the company reduced the request count for its homepage by 35%, resulting in a 30% reduction in onload time. Even better, these changes led to an improved user experience, demonstrated with a doubling of the company’s Black Friday conversion rate, year over year, as validated with their real user monitoring service, Akamai mPulse.

The Takeaway:

The Rigor platform can help businesses not only monitor mission-critical journeys, including the increasingly important UX metrics, but also identify opportunities for performance optimization. Companies that need further assistance can choose to engage Rigor’s team of performance architects to give hands-on guidance as to when, where, and how to implement key fixes to get a site fast and keep it fast.

Learn more about how Rigor can help your business with a free trial.

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