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dollar treeDollar Tree is a national company with thousands of stores conveniently located in shopping centers and malls in all 48 contiguous states. Each store’s inventory of trusted national and regional brands carries a broad mix of merchandise —  including housewares, cleaning supplies, toys, gifts, and more all for $1 or less.  

In 2014 Dollar Tree started using Rigor to gain insight into its end-user experience and learned best to take action to improve performance.  Dollar Tree’s website has driven growth since that time. In fact, in 2016 Dollar Tree ranked #2 on the Top 100 Fastest Growing Retailers List. Of that elite group, Dollar Tree ranked #22 for web traffic year over year growth. We talked with the Vice President at Dollar Tree, Curtis Corl, to learn more about what makes Rigor stand out from its competition.

What prompted you to choose Rigor for Dollar Tree?

Before Rigor, Dollar Tree was using a large monitoring competitor. Ultimately, we felt like it didn’t provide us with the customer support we wanted. The only time we would hear from them was when the bill was due. I began looking for another monitoring provider that would give us the kind of the white glove treatment we deserve, and that drove us to choose Rigor.

Can you describe how Rigor has helped Dollar Tree?

The Client Success team at Rigor has always been available and willing to help us address any problems. From onboarding meetings to showing us how to set up our tests properly to helping us understand how to analyze the data, Rigor has helped us ensure we get the most out of monitoring.

All of my interactions with team Rigor have left me feeling they would be willing to help at a drop of the hat. On two separate occasions, Rigor graciously allowed us to visit their Atlanta office for training to ensure we fully understand and maximize the product. This level of support is why we have used Rigor since 2014.

With Rigor’s third party data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance.

Curtis CorlVice President, Dollar Tree

What value has Rigor provided for your business?

Synthetic monitoring allows us to easily compare our uptime performance relative to our competitors, but, more importantly, it alerts us when our site is down, so we can act as quickly as possible. Continuous monitoring allows us to be alerted to outages even before our host provider knows something is wrong. We are able to be proactive and take action, which sets us up to succeed in a competitive environment.

How does Rigor help you track and meet performance-related targets?

Recently we have noticed gaps in our page load times, so we have been using Rigor’s easy-to-share waterfall charts as third party data when working with our CDN and host provider to determine the cause of these outages. By leveraging this data, we have been able to pinpoint the exact cause of latency; this allows us to know how to respond and ultimately equates to a faster site and better user experience.

Monitoring from multiple geographic locations has also been particularly useful for us as we can zero in on locations where our site is slowest. We can easily share this information with our CDN, too, and work to address it as needed.

Why do you think Rigor and synthetic monitoring is valuable for those in e-commerce?

Website speed matters for Dollar Tree because downtime can send our customers to our competitors. With Rigor, we are able to not only know about downtime, but share insights with our CDNs, web host provider, and other partners. With Rigor’s third party data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance.

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