Deckers Brands

To deliver a positive digital experience, Deckers Brands is using a combination of Rigor’s synthetic monitoring and SOASTA’s real user monitoring (RUM) solutions. Combined, these solutions equip Deckers Brands to make data-driven decisions. Read more about how Deckers Brands has leveraged Rigor in conjunction with its RUM solution to achieve performance goals.

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blue apron case study for Rigor_1

Blue Apron

Just like Blue Apron makes it easy for everyone to achieve culinary success at home, through Optimization Rigor helps engineering teams of all sizes identify defects and then delivers step-by-step directions on how to address any hangups with speed and ease.

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amethyst jewelry

Shop LC

Shop LC’s parent company, VGL Group is the largest online retailer of jewelry and lifestyle products. We spoke with Vineet Vashisht, the Chief Technology Officer for VGL Group, to discuss how Rigor helped the company make smart business decisions driven by data.

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Rigor helps businesses be proactive and reactive in preventing things like performance regressions and third-party provider slow-downs. Take a look at how SoulCycle has leveraged Rigor to gain powerful insights on performance.

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Dollar Tree

In 2014 Dollar Tree started using Rigor to gain insight into its end-user experience and learned how to take action to improve performance. Dollar Tree’s website has driven growth since that time due to Rigor. Learn more about what value Rigor as brought to the company and how its boosted website performance.

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