In this interview series we sit down with thought leaders, technologists and web performance experts to explore trends, challenges, lessons and insights impacting the APM and performance space today.

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Rich Howard

Rich Howard, founder and CEO of Optimal, shares stories about his experiences helping businesses handle peak load events and offers tips and tricks for establishing a holiday readiness plan.

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Alla Gringaus

Alla brings years of 'in the trenches' experience to the stage. Leading teams of front-end and UX developers she explores the importance of integrating UX earlier in the development process, her polarizing stance on the balance of design and web performance, and her mission to unite the community of ``Perf-vangelists`` to continue the growing conversation. #perf-vangelist


Buddy Brewer

Buddy Brewer talks to us about the key challenges when building an internal culture of performance, tips you can use to get started, the evolution of rum and synthetics since his time founding SOASTA and how to think about performance ROI and alignment with business objectives


Cliff Crocker

Bringing both vendor and in-house experiences to the table, Cliff has a unique perspective as he explores performance in the early days, gaining executive buy-in, and reveals the most critical step for building a culture of performance within your organization.

Meet the host

Billy Hoffman

As a former security penetration hacker, Billy was paid to find vulnerabilities and exploit the front-end weakness in public websites and applications.

And that was all it took to ignite the interest and passion to pursue a career in web performance. Now the CTO of Rigor, Billy builds and innovates on solutions necessary to drive performance forward.

This series is dedicated to the fascinating and innovative performance experts he’s met along the way!


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