Actionable insights driven by data

Digital Experience Monitoring gives you valuable knowledge about how your site is performing, but what do you do with that information? Rigor helps you move from data to action by delivering personalized and prioritized insights into how you can optimize your site.

By comparing your site against hundreds of custom-curated web performance rules, Rigor automates the steps a performance engineer would take to not only help you identify defects, but know the exact steps you need to take to resolve them. Both in production and in staging and QA environments, Rigor helps you deploy updates with greater speed and confidence.

So, not only does Rigor give you insight into any issues that you should address, but it also equips you to prioritize and delegate fixes that deliver the biggest wins.

With Optimization, Rigor helps you create and deliver faster.

We can help you optimize:

Server Configuration

Compression, cookies, caching, redirects, crawling, and SSL

Network CDN

HTTP/2, persistent connections, origin settings, edge node caching


Code flow, out-dated libraries, slow loops or poor DOM interaction

CSS and Web Fonts

Critical path rendering, selectors, style declarations, font format optimizations


Lossless optimizations, smart lossy optimizations, WebP, Progressive JPEGs, favicons

Mobile and Tablet

Responsive design, platform specific issues

HTML5 Video

Streaming and seeking, MP4, WebM, bitrate and profile settings, animated GIFs

3rd Parties

Bloated ads, single-point-of-failure, blocking JS, API dysfunction

Don’t just identify defects. Know how to respond

Step-by-step instructions, ranked by effort and severity, allowing you to prioritize resolving defects that give you the biggest wins.

Prioritize web performance in pre-production

Prioritize performance in pre-production

Manage performance at every stage of your development lifecycle by using Optimization in your build process through integrations with systems such as Jenkins.

Personalize scans and delegate tasks

Customize testing policies based on internal guidelines and thresholds by defining the severity of defects and assigning tasks based on department and job role.

Custom Threshold

Ensure that the media that makes your website look good aren’t also slowing it down

Identify, prioritize by severity, and optimize rich media such as videos, images, JavaScript, or CSS that is hosted on your servers and externally.

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