Deliver the experience your users expect

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, having a digital presence alone is not enough. Customers demand and depend on fast, consistently reliable web services. Rigor gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve–and the competition.

Prioritize performance across your business. Rigor’s continuous monitoring detects and alerts on performance problems before they impact users. With actionable insights, Rigor arms stakeholders with the knowledge, guidance, and tooling necessary to drive business value in a digital world.

Put simply, Rigor’s easy-to-use platform helps companies deliver the best experience for their end users.

Create empathy and build insight

Gain a robust understanding of your user’s experience with front-end monitoring that gives you valuable insights and the tools to respond accordingly.

Enforce your own best practices

Automatically analyze your applications to ensure they align with internal standards and enforce performance budgets.

Performance Budget

Make decisions driven by data

Integrate digital experience management earlier and throughout the software development lifecycle. From A/B testing how your site would perform with or without a third party service in pre-production to measuring the performance impact of new code releases, Rigor helps you make data-based decisions.

Test for all network environments

Identify and respond to performance defects impacting mobile users by emulating both upstream and downstream speeds and latency with Network Throttling.

Network Throttling By Rigor

Alerts that work the way you do

Configure real-time alerts to notify any group or user through a range of channels, including email, text message, phone call, or your favorite chat or alerting system, such as Slack or PagerDuty.

A powerful visual record

Gain visibility into your UX and better understand how key UX metrics impact the user with an interactive film strip that captures everything the user sees while the page is loading.

Rigor FIlmstrips

Break down silos

Foster a culture of collaboration. Unify DevOps, lines of business, and marketing teams around digital customer experience with data that is easy-to-understand, sharable, and accessible.

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