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Due to the rise of microservices, the spread of single page web apps, and the continued dominance of native mobile apps, APIs are the engines that businesses rely on to power their applications and outpace their competition. Beyond their own internally-created APIs, modern companies oftentimes integrate with countless third party APIs for critical business processes.

This combination means it is imperative to ensure the availability, functionality, and performance of all APIs. Gaps in API performance don’t only impact user experience, but also disrupt workflows, hurt brand reputation, and can lead to significant revenue loss.

Rigor’s API Check gives you peace of mind by continuously monitoring all your first and third party APIs to verify the availability, response time, and data quality for these transactions.

Global, Reusable Variables

Define API Tokens once, reuse everywhere


Rigor supports sending, parsing, and extracting all payload formats


Modify data or perform complex validation using your own JavaScript code for maximum flexibility

CSS and Web Fonts

Critical path rendering, selectors, style declarations, font format optimizations

Test critical application flows across multiple APIs

Don’t just test endpoints. Guarantee the performance and functionality of an entire transaction or business flow by requesting data from one API, modifying its format, and passing that new data on to another API.

API Steps
API Check

Simple to create. No computer science degree required

Easily create robust checks using simple building blocks in our drag-and-drop environment.

Gain insight into UX, even across fragmented systems

Continuously monitor steps across both managed and third party APIs to quickly identify failures before they impact your user.

Pinpoint Failures

Easily pinpoint failures even when your APIs are complex

Set alerting thresholds that reflect your performance goals. Easily identify the root cause of failure in service-oriented environments so you can spend your time fixing hangups rather than hunting for them.

Run, Save, and Share API Tests for Free

Looking to test your APIs? Look no further than Rigor’s free cloud-based API testing solution. There are no clunky browser plugins or thick desktop apps to install. Just go to APITester.com, and start testing your web-based APIs from anywhere, even your phone.

API Tester

From basic to enterprise-grade, Rigor has you covered

Our customers use Rigor API Checks to test everything from simple web services to complex multi-step streaming video services. No matter your API or your industry, Rigor has you covered.

Use Rigor in the Mid-market or Enterprise

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