Network Throttling from Rigor provides the visibility you need to deliver a superior mobile experience.

Mobile Internet usage continues to be on the rise, so delivering a good mobile experience is essential for businesses who want to compete.

If you’re committed to delivering a good digital experience to your users, then you need you understand how network conditions, such as speed and latency, influence their experience. For mobile users, this means that you need to be able to emulate their network connections so you can pinpoint defects that might be affecting them and make mobile-specific optimizations.

By testing your website under various network conditions, Rigor equips you to:

  • Emulate both upstream and downstream speeds to hone in on performance defects that may degrade the user experience across a wide variety of connection types
  • Control for latency to pinpoint the impact of slow or distant connections
  • Define custom conditions to your specifications or use our preset configurations