Continuous delivery of your business-critical digital experiences depends on identifying and resolving performance issues as quickly as possible. Rigor helps make this a reality.

Monitoring the sprawl created by cloud infrastructure can be complex, but it is important to do so, since you need to know before your users that something (be it unexpected downtime or the need for maintenance) has gone wrong and needs attention.

Rigor can help you implement a thorough and easy-to-use monitoring solution for every aspect of your cloud infrastructure, no matter how big or how much it sprawls, so that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t at every moment.

Keep customers at the forefront

Ensure the uptime and availability of your mission critical user flows with continuous monitoring of all aspects of your customer’s digital experience.

Enforce SLAs

Use Rigor’s third party data to increase transparency amongst partners and hold content providers accountable.

Domain Performance Monitoring

Receive alerts on platforms you already use

Get alerts delivered the way you work through integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, Ops Genie, and more.

Triage defects to expedite resolution

Prioritize defects that give you the biggest wins and assign ownership of their resolution through Optimization.

Learn how Rigor can help:

Enable Digital Transformation

Rigor gives you the edge you need to excel. With awareness into the customer experience, easy-to-understand data to drive decision making, and an accessible interface, Rigor helps you outpace the competition.

Facilitate a DevOps Culture Shift

Rigor helps fuel a DevOps culture shift by automating the identification, prioritization, and resolution of performance defects and facilitating collaboration across your development, QA, tech operations, and digital business teams.

Create Awareness of Your UX

User experience is essential to business success. Rigor gives you visibility into your end user’s experience to help you deliver fast and reliable digital experiences.