Insight into what matters most, so you can respond smartly

In today’s competitive business climate, companies succeed or fail online. Don’t let poor website performance cost you money. You know that improving page performance can help you keep customers through a better user experience, but it also can impact website traffic and search engine optimization.

The challenge is this: Without monitoring you don’t know what you don’t know. Rigor gives you visibility into what matters most, shows you how you can address problems, and demonstrates how to improve your performance going forward. As websites increasingly rely on microservices and APIs to deliver content to users, measuring performance across fragmented systems is more important than ever. Rigor helps you meet this challenge like no other software can.

Data to drive action

Measure the speed of landing pages, mission critical workflows, and web services. But don’t stop there. Learn through Optimization what specific steps you can take to improve your site’s speed.

Leverage actionable insights to maximize efficiency

Prioritize releases, delegate tasks, and demonstrate the impact of performance to users of all technical aptitude with doable insights and an accessible platform.

Create a culture of collaboration

Rigor can not only help you improve your website’s performance, but also create a culture of collaboration around the customer’s experience through building awareness of how performance impacts the end-user. And, with an easy-to-use interface, the valuable data Rigor delivers is accessible to your whole team.

Learn how Rigor can help:

Enable Digital Transformation

Rigor gives you the edge you need to excel. With awareness into the customer experience, easy-to-understand data to drive decision making, and an accessible interface, Rigor helps you outpace the competition.

Facilitate a DevOps Culture Shift

Rigor helps fuel a DevOps culture shift by automating the identification, prioritization, and resolution of performance defects and facilitating collaboration across your development, QA, tech operations, and digital business teams.

Create Awareness of Your UX

User experience is essential to business success. Rigor gives you visibility into your end user’s experience to help you deliver fast and reliable digital experiences.