Deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences with Rigor

As companies have moved away from dedicated, in-house Information Technology and Operations (IT/Ops) processes in favor of cloud computing and DevOps, the development landscape has changed dramatically.

The role of developers has similarly evolved, and now they must focus not only on crafting quality code, but also delivering this code quicker and with greater accuracy.

Rigor helps developers be more nimble delivering faster, more reliable digital experiences by optimizing the software development lifecycle and automating customer experience quality testing and resolution.

Act confidently with reliable and consistent data

From automating testing to providing you with trusted and consistent data, Rigor gives you the tools necessary to deliver fast and reliable digital experiences.

Domain Performance Monitoring

Understand the impact of third party content

Efficiently see how third party content impacts your site’s performance and identify what’s eating up your performance budget.

Alerting that works the way you do

Get alerted on the things that matter most and enforce your own best practices by customizing performance thresholds and alerts.

Rigor and Jenkins Integration

Confidently deploy defect-free

Integrate with your build or continuous integration system to check for performance defects in pre-production so you can confidently deploy faster and better releases.  

Learn how Rigor can help:

Enable Digital Transformation

Rigor gives you the edge you need to excel. With awareness into the customer experience, easy-to-understand data to drive decision making, and an accessible interface, Rigor helps you outpace the competition.

Facilitate a DevOps Culture Shift

Rigor helps fuel a DevOps culture shift by automating the identification, prioritization, and resolution of performance defects and facilitating collaboration across your development, QA, tech operations, and digital business teams.

Create Awareness of Your UX

User experience is essential to business success. Rigor gives you visibility into your end user’s experience to help you deliver fast and reliable digital experiences.