DevOps depends on working smarter

Outdated approaches to development and deployment simply won’t do. Digital businesses must continuously optimize workflow, architecture, and infrastructure to deliver high-quality applications. The DevOps culture shift is driven by a need to be nimble and ability to evolve processes and products rapidly. Development must deliver applications quickly, while keeping product quality and innovation intact. Operations must respond to fluctuations in usage before performance becomes an issue.

Rigor helps fuel a DevOps culture shift from automating the identification, prioritization, and resolution of performance defects to facilitating collaboration across teams.

DevOps Process - Rigor Infinity

Integrating digital experience management into the whole lifecycle

Rigor helps integrate digital experience management into the whole software development lifecycle with tools, such as Optimization, that make prioritizing performance automatic and easy.

Fostering collaboration across teams

With data that speaks your language–no matter your role–Rigor helps catalyze collaboration and shared understanding.  And, with webhooks to popular tools such as Slack and HipChat, Rigor integrates alerts into existing workflows.

Rigor Integrations

Learn how Rigor delivers value for:


Deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences. With Rigor, you can do this by optimizing the software development lifecycle and automating customer experience quality testing and resolution.

Technology Operations

Continuous delivery of your business-critical digital experiences depends on identifying and resolving performance issues as quickly as possible. Rigor helps make this a reality.

Digital Business

Your digital customer experience is the online face of your business. Rigor equips you to prioritize performance and deliver the best experience for your end-users.