The world is going digital. Rigor helps you get ahead of the pack.

Digital transformation is a fundamental shift in the way the world does business. It is now easier than ever for organizations of all sizes to implement solutions that make their product or services more accessible, flexible, and valuable to their customers. Digital transformation presents great opportunities for those who innovate and evolve. But, this new landscape also means that businesses must have the right knowledge, guidance, and tools to effectively compete on this stage.

This is a crucial moment in time. Businesses who adapt have the potential to accelerate ahead, while those who don’t risk being left in the dust.

Get the edge you need to excel. With awareness into the customer experience, easy-to-understand data to drive decision making, and an accessible interface, Rigor helps you outpace the competition.  

Build insight into the digital customer experience

Your online presence is the face of your business. Create awareness into how your customers experience your website throughout the software development lifecycle.

Easily scale performance testing

Rigor helps you automate performance testing and remediation to achieve faster, more reliable software delivery. This means you can integrate performance testing throughout your development lifecycle and address any defects before they impact your customers.

Foster collaboration across teams

The digital customer experience is no longer the responsibility of just one team. Rigor’s easy-to-digest data and custom reports help you share insights and pain-points across teams–so everyone from marketing to engineering is on the same page.

Maximize your efficiency

With integrations into tools like JIRA, the ability to share defects, and assign defect resolution by job role, Rigor give you tools to prioritize and fix bugs with ease.

Learn how Rigor delivers value for:


Deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences. With Rigor, you can do this by optimizing the software development lifecycle and automating customer experience quality testing and resolution.

Technology Operations

Continuous delivery of your business-critical digital experiences depends on identifying and resolving performance issues as quickly as possible. Rigor helps make this a reality.  

Digital Business

Your digital customer experience is the online face of your business. Rigor equips you to prioritize performance and deliver the best experience for your end-users.