Get a full picture of your user's experience

Your digital experience is a critical component of your brand, and your user’s experience on your site impacts how they view your company. Poor performance can not only damage your reputation–it can hurt your bottom line.

Rigor gives you visibility into your end user’s experience. Our continuous performance monitoring provides insight into your user’s digital experience and Optimization helps you incorporate hone your performance throughout the software development lifecycle. Ultimately, this means that from testing to production, Rigor helps you deliver fast and reliable digital experiences.

Baseline off data rather than intuition

Rigor’s ability to track, alert, and trend on your website’s performance gives you quantitative data so you can establish strategic baselines and goals. That way, you can identify improvements or regressions and respond accordingly.

Domain Performance Monitoring

See how third party content affects your users

You may not produce all the content on your site, but with Rigor you can see the impact of both managed and owned content on your performance.

Confidently take action

Performance defects happen, but Rigor can help you address them with step-by-step directions on how to solve them before your customers are negatively impacted.

Learn how Rigor delivers value for:


Deliver faster, more reliable digital experiences. With Rigor, you can do this by optimizing the software development lifecycle and automating customer experience quality testing and resolution.

Technology Operations

Continuous delivery of your business-critical digital experiences depends on identifying and resolving performance issues as quickly as possible. Rigor helps make this a reality.

Digital Business

Your digital customer experience is the online face of your business. Rigor equips you to prioritize performance and deliver the best experience for your end-users.