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Digital landscape today

Travel industry apps and websites continue to play catch-up with digital leaders in other industries


As of 2019, fewer than 20% of travel customers report a quicker than expected online reservation experience, according to study by J.D. Power.

Customer satisfaction with travel websites substantially increases when customers say the process of making a reservation was quicker than expected, according to J.D Power.


Guest satisfaction with hotel websites have dropped 2% over last year according to a recent ACSI travel report.

The impact of performance

Poor performance is bad for business

Lost Revenue

Slow websites, apps, and digital user experiences compel potential guests to leave your site without completing a reservation and lead to lost revenue.

Poor CSATs & Customer Experiences

Frustrated travelers bounce from your websites, do not return, and result in poor conversion rates, low customer satisfaction scores, and a sullied brand reputation.

Missed Growth Targets

Increased bounce rates drives decreased time-on-site and impacts bookings and reservation rates over time, resulting in missed growth targets.

How we help

Rigor helps you deliver better digital experiences

Find, fix, and prevent website performance issues that impact bookings, reservations and your guest’s user experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Optimize Critical Conversion Paths
Protect Your Brand Reputation

Monitor Your Guest’s Digital Experiences

Monitor the speed and performance of your websites to see how users are actually experiencing them with video, filmstrips, 45+ metrics, and flexible reporting.

Maximize Your Conversion Funnels

Monitor mission-critical purchase paths, user flows, single page applications (SPAs), and business transactions for slow downs and user experience issues. Take corrective steps quickly to optimize your conversion funnels and ensure a positive customer experience.

Find & Fix UX Issues Earlier

Set alerts, prioritize alarms, and route issues directly to DevOps teams so they can resolve issues fast. Integrate performance testing into the development process (SDLC) to remediate issues before they impact user experience and revenue.

Benchmark Your Competitors

Keep a pulse on your competition. Set competitive benchmarks on industry leaders or direct competitors to see how your websites and apps compare over time.

Top Hospitality & Travel Brands Trust Rigor

We work with forward-looking travel industry companies
looking to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital world.

Learn How Carnival Uses Rigor

Carnival Cruse Line has developed a culture of performance and uses Rigor Optimization to improve the User Experience of their customers on

Customer Testimonials

Shop LC Review Rigor


CTO, Shop LC
Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.


Dir. Site Reliability, Grubhub
Being able to confidently make data-driven decisions is the greatest value Rigor brings to our team.
Blue Apron Reviews Rigor


Dir. Engineering, Blue Apron
From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor Optimization is helping us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle as we speak!
Akamai reviews Rigor


Site Reliability Team
The new performance metrics will for sure bring additional value during the data and performance analysis!


Digital Team
Rigor has beyond exceeded our expectations!


DevOps Manager, Decker's
If there is an availability or performance issue, Rigor is definitely one of the first to spot it!


Vice President
With Rigor’s third-party management data, we can identify hang-ups, hold partners accountable, and chart a course of action to improve performance.
Carnival Cruise Line Reviews Rigor


Sr. Performance & Monitoring Architect
We are not only using Rigor Optimization in our development process; we also use it with our marketing and content teams to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression.

Matthew Justice

Director Engineering
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team.
Shop LC Review Rigor

Vineet Vishisht

CTO, Shop LC
Rigor has been instrumental in alerting us when we have a page or endpoint outage. Having external validation is critical for our team

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