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Over 100,000 developers, SEOs and web experts have used Rigor to improve the speed and front-end performance of their websites.

Rigor analyzes your websites against a database of 300+ common web performance defects that impact web speed and user experience to generate a Free Web Performance Report.

Quickly identify defects, rogue third-party tags, images, javascript, compression issues and more impacting the speed of your sites. Unlike other assessments out there, you’ll also receive detailed guidance for how to fix your issues improving website speed, instantly.

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Improve WebsiteSpeed & Deliver Better Digital Experiences with Rigor

Largest Database of Improvements

300+ Performance Standards

Scan websites and web applications against the largest library of over 300+ performance best practices for each point of your development lifecycle. Optimization opportunities for HTML, Javascript, CSS, Fonts, Images, Video, Mobile, SSL, Compression, CDN, and more.

UX Improvements

Visualize the User Experience

See how your site performs with 2 dimensions of scoring: Rigor's Performance Score and the Google Lighthouse Performance Score. Dig into the details and see what your users see with filmstrips, thumbnails, interactive waterfall, video and more.

All of the metrics you need

Speed Metrics

See how fast your site is using the most critical UX metrics including Time to Interactive (TTI), Visually Complete (VC), Time To First Byte (TTFB), and more.

Impact Analysis

Prioritized Optimization Opportunities

Get a categorized list of optimization opportunities, organized by the role required to implement the solution. Optimization recommendations are sorted by severity and practical remediation tips can be applied right away for immediate results.


Need more than a free report can offer?

Rigor's Free Performance Report is generated from a lite version of our enterprise-grade Rigor Optimization solution, a fully-featured performance platform designed to help companies integrate performance testing and remediation into the DevOps process. To see a demo of Rigor Optimization, please contact us today!