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Website speed and user experience matters



The average time until 25% of online shoppers are likely to abandon your site, according to Aberdeen.


The percentage conversion rate lost, for every second after 3 seconds, according to a study by Walmart and Amazon.


The percentage of consumers that expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less, according to Forrester.

The impact of performance

Poor performance is bad for business

Lost Revenue

Poor digital user experiences compel shoppers to leave your site without buying and lead to lost revenue.

Poor Brand & UX

Frustrated shoppers bounce, do not return, and result in poor conversion rates and unfavorable brand reputation.

Missed Growth Targets

Increased bounce rates and cart abandonment lowers time-on-site and impacts average cart size over time, resulting in missed growth targets.

How we help

Rigor helps improve site speed & conversion rates

Find, fix, and prevent the performance issues that impact your shoppers’ user experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Optimize Your Critical Conversion Path
Protect Your Brand Reputation

Gain Visibility into Your Shopper’s Digital Experience

Understand how users are actually experiencing your site with video, filmstrips, 45+ UX metrics, and flexible reporting.

Maximize Your Conversion Funnels

Monitor critical purchase paths, user flows, and business transactions for speed and user experience issues.

Manage 3rd Party SLAs

Get a clear line of sight on the third-party vendors that are impacting your website’s speed and performance. Hold them accountable for Service Level Agreement (SLA) standards of performance.

Apply Optimization Best Practices

Audit your sites for 300+ performance best practices and get step-by-step guidance to implement any optimizations, fast.

Benchmark Your Competitors

Set competitive benchmarks on industry leaders or direct competitors to see how your websites compare.

Find & Fix UX Issues Earlier

Set alerts so DevOps teams can find and fix issues fast. Integrate performance testing into the development process to remediate issues before they impact users and revenue.

Compare Technology Platforms

Monitor and compare platform providers (e.g. CDNs, Shopify, Magento+) to evaluate impact on speed and validate your next big technology investment.

Monitor API Performance

Ensure your APIs are functional and performing well so all of your web and mobile users experience fast and reliable experiences.

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Shop LC Review Rigor


CTO, Shop LC
Rigor helps us identify web performance issues before they impact our user’s experience, and enables us to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.


Dir. Site Reliability, Grubhub
Being able to confidently make data-driven decisions is the greatest value Rigor brings to our team.
Blue Apron Reviews Rigor


Dir. Engineering, Blue Apron
From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor Optimization is helping us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle as we speak!

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