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ParkMobile Drives Better Digital Experiences, Accountability and Performance Benchmarking

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their services have been adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including 36 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. by millions of registered users.

Around 80-90% of Parkmobile customers use their mobile website and app; as such, it is critical for Parkmobile to provide a fast and reliable mobile experience. To do so, Parkmobile depends on Rigor.

Parkmobile has been a Rigor customer since 2011. Can you describe how you have used Rigor over the last six years?

Over the past six years Parkmobile has experienced a lot of growth as a company. Along the way, Rigor has helped us deliver a good digital user experience and has become a critical component of internal accountability and benchmarking. For instance, we routinely share Rigor’s executive reports with the senior leadership team because it gives them insight into our customer’s engagement with our app.

We recently started leveraging Rigor’s API Check to discern how the performance of our APIs impact our customers. Doing so has given us a more comprehensive picture of performance and streamlined how we identify and respond to hangups.

``... Rigor’s API Check helps us discern how the performance of our APIs impact our customers ...``

How has Rigor changed your API monitoring strategy?

A significant portion (about 80-90%) of our business is via mobile app, so it is critical that it functions properly. We were using Uptime monitoring to ensure that our APIs were responding, but we didn’t have a full picture of how they were performing. Now, with Rigor’s API Checks, we have a more complete picture of our full user experience. This helps us target specific components of the API flow that we might need to improve–especially if performance degrades over time.

For instance, we measure a number of complex user interactions that incorporate multiple processes, such as authentication or requests to third party services, within our app. With Rigor we are able to establish performance baselines for these interactions, set goals, and then trend our performance over time.

Ultimately, this helps us determine the specific cause of performance changes. For example, if the whole process for a user flow slows from 10-seconds to 30-seconds, we can easily pinpoint which step is causing the slowdown and respond accordingly. This saves our team time and allows us to deploy fixes with more confidence.

``... Rigor saves our team time and allows us to deploy fixes with more confidence ...``

Describe what you see as the biggest win you have achieved with Rigor?

Parkmobile provides parking solutions for big events, such as sporting events, and if our mobile app is malfunctioning during a period of high use, this could spell disaster for our company. This is why we depend on Rigor’s continuous monitoring to alert us to downtime.

For instance, last year we had an issue where users weren’t able to access our site. Rigor alerted us to the problem and identified that the hangup was due to DNS names not resolving, rather than a bad server or network connection. By pinpointing the exact cause of the downtime, Rigor helped our team respond quickly and accurately.

From monitoring our APIs to ensure that we are delivering a fast user experience to identifying the root cause of performance problems, Rigor enables the team at Parkmobile to deliver a superior digital experience for our customers.

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