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Liquid Web Drives A Performance Culture with Rigor

Liquid Web is a privately held, managed web hosting company founded in 1997 with three wholly-owned data centers in Lansing (MI), in addition to locations in Scottsdale (AZ), Ann Arbor (MI), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). As a leader in the professional web hosting industry, they have committed an unwavering dedication to providing the best hosting products available along with premium, “Heroic,” customer support.

With a client base that spans beyond 150 countries, the company has assembled a world-class Support staff and a proactive Sonar Server Monitoring team, professionally educated, and easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company’s guarantee of 100% uptime and access to knowledgeable and highly trained technicians within 59 seconds or less has helped consistently place it as the most highly ranked web hosting company in customer-satisfaction-driven NPS rankings. The rapidly expanding web host has been recognized amongst INC Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for nine consecutive years.

We spoke with Mike Jung, Product Manager for Liquid Web, about working with Rigor.

How does Liquid Web use Rigor?

As one of the most respected names in web and cloud hosting, the performance of Liquid Web’s site is important to, not only to its customers, but doubly so to potential customers that cannot trust a host’s ability to deliver a High Performance hosting environment if their own site isn’t performing better than the rest. This is why we use Rigor’s advanced tools to measure and trend the performance of our sites and benchmark them against the competition. Doing so has provided us the data we need to make adjustments that regularly places us 1st against our competition when it comes to performance.

``...We not only use Rigor Optimization from a development perspective, we also use it with our marketing and content teams to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression...``

What was the core problem that you needed to solve with Rigor?

One of the core problems we were trying to solve was the inconsistency of other performance monitoring / analysis tools. Sites like WebPageTest are great for one off analysis, but oftentimes you’ll see fairly large differences in Page Load Time or time to first byte, even from the same location. This makes it hard to get an accurate picture of performance, which you need to have if you want to ensure you’re faster than your competitors.

Moreover, Rigor allowed us to separate the 3rd party content load times from the rest of the content, this provided us with a much more consistent view of OUR web content versus the 3rd parties (Google Analytics, Live Chat, etc). This allowed all the teams to be on the same page and helped put focus on the areas that really mattered.

What were the immediate benefits of employing Rigor’s monitoring service?

Rigor provides us with reliable performance data that’s easy to consume. The reporting system is easy to use and the customizable reports make it easy to share relevant data with multiple teams.

``... Rigor allowed us to separate the 3rd party content load times from the rest of the content ...``

What triggered the purchase of Rigor?

I like startups, so if I find one that offers a solid product at a competitive price I usually give them a shot! I also like performance, and tend to geek out over it. Everyone I’ve talked to at Rigor is excited about performance and constantly improving it. I like to work with excited people, so Rigor seemed like a natural fit for me.

Also the price tag isn’t bad. Much lower than other vendors.

How has your company built and maintained a “culture of performance”?

Building and maintaining any kind of company culture is no simple task. I feel like Liquid Web has been slowly building a culture around performance over the past few years. I have no plans to maintain the culture. Rather, I plan to see it grow and improve with even more impressive performance metrics than it’s registering now! That’s what performance monitoring and tuning is all about isn’t it?

One of the most effective things I’ve found is to simply take a few hours out of your day and explain what performance means to someone who’s curious. Simply explaining what matters when it comes to performance, how to measure it, and how to improve it is usually enough to convert that person into a performance addict.

Over time those people do the same to others and all of a sudden it’s easy to get everyone else to buy in. This sounds a little cult-like, I know, but it almost always leads to much better performance in multiple areas.

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