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Kabbage Keeps Customer Experience Front and Center by Prioritizing Availability and Web Performance.

Kabbage is a financial technology company that provides a quick, easy, and secure way for small businesses to get the cash they need to grow their business.

With their business value relying so strongly on speed and ease of access, time is money for Kabbage, quite literally. We sat down with Dennis, Kabbage’s Head of DevOps, and Lewis, an engineer on the DevOps team, to learn what implications downtime has on revenue and how Rigor helps Kabbage mitigate downtime.

What are the implications of Kabbage experiencing unexpected downtime?

No company wants to experience downtime, but for our business it’s especially bad. If customers are unable to draw funds they will seek other options, tweet their concerns on social media or flood our customer service team with requests. All impact the business and that’s not best for Kabbage or our customers. There are a lot of long-term business implications when we experience any kind of outage and it’s paramount that we get back up and running immediately.

Rigor is our first line of defense when we have problems. We use Rigor’s Real Browser Checks to holistically validate our application health. It goes above and beyond system metrics and allows us to really see how the application is performing and running.

We describe Rigor as the “canary in the coal mine.” It may not necessarily help us prevent an outage beforehand, but it has been crucial in knowing when something is going on.

``... Rigor is our 'canary in a coal mine' ...``

What makes Rigor’s alerting system so beneficial to you?

We hope to never get any phone calls from Rigor, but it is absolutely crucial when we do.

Both the engineering team, and our company as a whole have found value in these alerts. We joke around the office about how Rigor is the only solution that sends alerts right to our phone compared to any other monitoring system.

When something happens in Rigor it goes directly to the people who need to look at it, which has helped us mitigate downtime in many situations.

``...When something happens in Rigor it goes directly to the people who need to look at it, which helps us mitigate downtime regularly...``

How has Kabbage found use in Rigor’s API checks?

We are essentially migrating to a micro-services architecture and we make a lot of third party calls to our critical partners for things like our source of record and banking data. Our third-party APIs are just as crucial to Kabbage’s success as our own APIs, so it’s essential for us that they are up and running properly.

We rely on Rigor to follow our API checks from completion all the way down to our third parties, to monitor health in our own environment and to be a frontline for our third parties as well.

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