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Use Case

Leveraging web performance budgets to identify and quickly address critical user experience issues.

Global Sportswear Brand Implements Performance Budgets to Improve User Experience & Resolve Issues Quickly

The Challenge

The Digital IT Success Manager of a multi-billion-dollar sportswear company oversees the use of the Rigor platform to monitor and optimize its site for speed and user experience.

On a day-to-day basis, the manager relies on Rigor to ensure the performance of critical user flows. He does so by establishing performance budgets and setting up thresholds for key pathways on the business’s retail sites.

The load time of one of the payment pages began increasing sporadically by up to two seconds, leading to a failure during the checkout transaction process. The Rigor platform notified the manager’s team immediately when the timing exceeded the established threshold.

According to Akamai, a two-second delay in web page load time increases bounce rates by 103%. The failure on the checkout page was, therefore, continually costing the company revenue and also had the potential to hurt its reputation as a trusted ecommerce site.

“.. A two-second delay in web page load time increases bounce rates by 103%, according to Akamai…”

The Solution

By using the data provided by Rigor, the manager was able to identify that the two-second increase was related to a spike in total image size. Further investigation with a member of Rigor’s professional services team uncovered that this increase was caused by a problem with the company’s third-party image manager.

Typically, it can be difficult to communicate issues to external vendors. However, in this case, the manager was able to take Rigor’s data directly to the third party to validate the issue. With this information available, the third party was able to take action to address the errors that were occurring.

“... the total image size was reduced by 25% and the delay in the user flow was eliminated..”

The Result

The external company quickly resolved the problem that was causing the spike in image size. As a result, the total image size was reduced by 25%, and the delay in the user flow was eliminated.

Rigor monitors complete user flows, rather than just single pages, to ensure that checkout processes can be completed. When a failure occurs at any stage in the flow that impacts UX, Rigor will alert the appropriate team members so that a solution can quickly be put in place. Rigor also provides data that can be used to validate any issues with third-party applications to decrease the Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

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