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Synthetic Monitoring.
Mobile User Experience.
Third-Party Management.
SLA Monitoring.

Clique Brands Leverages Rigor to Out-Perform the Competition

In 2006, former ELLE editors Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr disrupted the DNA of print fashion magazines with an exquisitely simple idea: Do it digitally.

Bringing print magazine sensibilities to the online space, Power and Kerr co-founded Clique Media Group, which offers readers elevated and curated access to their core passions: fashion, beauty, home, and shopping. The launch of in 2006 granted readers access to all things style, celebrity and trend-related, and led to the introduction of sister sites and in 2013, along with the creation of the Clique Influencer Network (33 million followers and counting!).

What was the core problem that you needed to solve with monitoring?

Prior to Rigor we were using New Relic, Pingdom and Google Chrome Developer Tools to monitor site performance.

We needed a tool that provided a distinctive view and regular reporting to measure, globally, the mobile page load performance of our sites, along with their attendant set of 3rd-party advertising and tracking resources, against those of our main digital publishing competitors.

In short, Rigor Monitoring enables us to track our progress toward our goal of being the fastest website in our competitive set.

``... With Rigor, we were able to demonstrate a 37% page load performance gain from our legacy site platform to our new site platform ...``

Why would you recommend Rigor?

I recommend Rigor for teams like ours who want to measure and improve site performance continuously. Rigor’s tools help us stay on track toward our performance goals and has given us a way to show our business stakeholders a distinctive view into how we measure up to competitors.

This allows, for example, our Sales team to tell a story to clients about our momentum and commitment to deliver the best experiences possible.

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