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Improved Page Speed.
Third-Party Accountability.
Mobile User Experience. Aligns Cross-Departmental Teams to Improve Mobile Page Speed and Performance., Inc. is an online home improvement retailer that specializes in plumbing, lighting, door hardware, and furniture, as well as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling equipment.

Scott Jungling, Front-end Engineering Manager, is on a mission to make the web a more enjoyable experience with simple and effective web applications. We sat down with him to learn about how Rigor is helping make this vision a reality.

How are you creating a culture of performance at Build?

As an eCommerce company, there is obviously a huge incentive for having a performant website since pagespeed correlates with conversions.

While there is a company-wide focus on performance, each department has slightly different motivations.

Our marketing department’s performance goals revolve around the fact that the faster your site, the more favorable search engines will rank you. So for them, performance is more about increasing organic traffic and competing with sites like Amazon.

As an engineering team, performance is essential. We are continuously talking about and prioritizing projects around performance.

Rigor’s Performance KPIs are particularly useful in creating a culture of performance because they provide insight into incremental changes. We frequently roll out small scope performance improvements. With Rigor Performance KPIs, we are able to take that graph and send it to one of the engineers after his performance changes are implemented and say, “You made this small change and these are the results.”

This is great both for morale of our team as well as the end user’s experience of our site.

``...Filmstrips allow us to see our page load on both desktop and mobile, this feature has increased our visibility into the mobile experience overall...``

You’ve been using our Filmstrips for a visual record of your performance. How has this added value?

Filmstrips have been extremely helpful in showing both business and marketing users exactly how new features or content is affecting performance. By enabling these teams to see exactly how the page loads both before and after adding a new design feature to the site, we can better create accountability with marketing and our third-party vendors.

For example, we noticed a large increase in load time to one of our pages. Marketing had added a new module prompting visitors to signup for our newsletter and this module was ballooning our load time. We were able to easily pinpoint this with Filmstrips and then work with our marketing team to find a smarter way to drive people to sign up for our mailing list.

Since Filmstrips allow us to see our page load on both desktop and mobile, this feature has increased our visibility into the mobile experience overall.

Improving mobile web performance has been a huge priority for us the past few months. As we have been working with Google to make improvements, we have seen that they are putting more emphasis on time to first paint and time to interactive, as opposed to the full load event. By seeing when we actually start rendering the page we can measure our progress and confirm what aspects of the load might be pushing out the more traditional metrics.

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