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Improve Load Times.
Performance Testing.
Performance Optimization.

Blue Apron Decreases Load Time By 30% with Rigor

Blue Apron provides subscribers with fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured quantities and step-by-step recipes to help chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home.

Just like Blue Apron makes it easy for everyone to achieve culinary success at home, through Optimization, Rigor helps engineering teams of all sizes identify defects and then delivers step-by-step directions on how to address any hang ups with speed and ease.

John Cline, Engineering Lead, at Blue Apron gave us insight into how his team leverages Rigor.

How has your team benefited from using Rigor?

We have seen two big benefits from using Rigor Optimization.

The heart of Optimization is the dead-simple suggestions on how to improve our website by telling us what is broken, why it is broken, and what we should do to fix it. These simple, step-by-step instructions on how to improve our site’s performance has helped us respond to defects quickly and accurately.

The second benefit is the knowledge base, which includes how-to guides and best practices. We are starting to elevate performance as a skillset within the team; the knowledge base, in particular, its explanations on best practices, has been incredibly helpful in doing so.

``...From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor helps us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle ...``

How does Rigor help you track and meet your performance-related targets?

From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Rigor Optimization is helping us integrate performance testing into our development life cycle right now. Going forward, Rigor will be a key component of meeting our aggressive performance goals.

``...`{`Rigor`}` has helped us improve our site’s performance by responding to defects quickly and accurately...``

What has been the biggest win you’ve achieved with Rigor?

Due to changes suggested by Rigor, we reduced the page weight of our homepage from 25mb to 4mb and decreased the load time by 30%. These performance gains are huge, and while we haven’t yet correlated them with a specific business outcome, I know this has improved our customer experience.

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