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Today we are announcing the acquisition of Zoompf, the makers of the world’s most powerful web performance root cause analysis engine. It’s super exciting to join forces with both the Zoompf technology and the Zoompf team.

While we already put out an official press release on this topic, in this post, I wanted to open the kimono and share some of the backstory on the why and how we acquired Zoompf.

The Rigor + Zoompf Vision

Rigor and Zoompf are combining forces to create the first front-end web performance monitoring platform on the market that brings together performance monitoring and root cause analysis for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

A Brief History of Rigor

In June of 2010, I launched Rigor with David Cummings as chairman and advisor to bring some simplicity and pragmatism in the over-complicated and idealistic Application Performance Management (APM) space.

After working hands-on with dozens of performance tools inside of hundreds of companies, the fundamental flaw with the APM industry seemed so blatant: The existing vendors are so hell-bent on collecting ALL of the data, they lose focus of the actual problems that they are intended to solve.

This is even more true in web-based technologies, which is where Rigor’s focus lies. Statistically speaking, 80-90% of page load times are spent on the front-end (typically design, configuration, and 3rd-party related issues), however >80% of the effort tends to be spent collecting metrics from non-bottleneck sources.

We wanted to do it differently. We wanted to build tools for our customers, not the analysts. We wanted to make it super-simple to solve problems, find bottlenecks, and get the job done.

We have experienced triple-digit growth every year since Hubert Liu, our CTO, and I wrote the first lines of Rigor code back in 2010. Interestingly enough, much of that growth has been fueled by existing customers (net negative churn). This led to Rigor being recognized as one of Atlanta’s fastest growing private companies earlier this year. Needless to say, it appears that the market agrees with what we’re doing.

The Acquisition Story

Landon and Chapman of Rigor getting a demo of Zoompf at the ATDC showcase in April of this year.
Landon and Chapman of Rigor watching a Zoompf demo at the 2015 ATDC Startup Showcase.

While our conversations of joining forces initially stemmed from having booths next to each other at the ATDC showcase (both companies went through the ATDC program, one of the world’s top incubators), we have been working alongside each other for 5 years now.

Billy Hoffman, Zoompf’s CTO, started the Atlanta Web Performance Meetup group back in 2010, and Rigor quickly jumped in to help organize and promote it. Some of the early meetings consisted of us sitting and talking shop in a room together, with maybe one or two attendees. The group now has over 600 members and meets monthly at the Atlanta Tech Village.

Last year, when Rigor was on the way out of ATDC Select (which provides office space, mentorship, and connections for high-growth technology companies), I urged Billy and Mark Isham, Zoompf’s CEO, to apply to the program. They applied and were accepted to the program in February. During the application process, I got a call from from ATDC to confirm that they weren’t accepting two competing companies into their program. We are both “Web Performance” companies, after all. We both insisted that while we were in the same space, we were more complementary than competitive:

  • Rigor – provides 24×7 web performance monitoring
  • Zoompf – provides prescriptive recommendations given performance data

More simply put: Rigor exposes issues and bottlenecks, and Zoompf tells you exactly how to fix them.

Fast forward to the ATDC showcase in the picture above. Everyone in the program posts up in the Georgia Tech convention center to show off their inventions to each other, mentors, investors, and some customers. We were graduating from the program that day and had a booth right next to Zoompf. Landon Bennett, our Director of Sales, and Chapman Lever, our Head of Marketing, saw a demo of Zoompf and immediately came over to me and said, “We NEED technology like that!”

After playing around with some partnership ideas for a few months, we ultimately decided that our companies fit so well together from both technology and culture perspectives, that we should join forces and help make the web faster together.

Last week we made the acquisition official, and today we’re announcing the world’s first Web Performance Management platform on the market that brings together both performance monitoring and root cause analysis!

A Combined Culture

Here at Rigor, we take our culture very seriously. We want to make sure we have the absolute best people in our company. We want good, smart people with a passion for what they do. We want to be the best place to work and the best place to be a customer.

We strive to uphold our core values:

  • Positive
  • Self-starting
  • Supportive

And we only look for people who posses the following traits:

  • Genuine personality (with honesty and integrity)
  • Track record of success (not only career)

As a testament to our focus on culture, we were named the #1 Best Place to Work in Atlanta last year by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

What’s so great about Zoompf is that both Billy and Mark fit our culture perfectly. Not only do we get to work with great technology, but we also get to work with great people.

Moving Forward

Going along with today’s acquisition announcement, we are also announcing a full integration between Rigor’s monitoring platform and Zoompf’s analysis engine. Starting today, you can identify performance bottlenecks with Rigor, and with a single click, trigger Zoompf to tell you why the slowdown happened and what to do to fix it.

We are so excited to be joining forces with Billy, Mark, and Zoompf. We are committed to equipping our customers with the best possible tools that they need to get their jobs done, and we are looking forward to changing the landscape of the web performance monitoring market.

Feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions at craig.hyde at We would love to hear from you.

Craig Hyde


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