The web performance (#webperf) community is an extremely smart, collaborative and tight-knit group. This community has spent the last 10+ years building tools, evangelizing best practices, and sharing their successes in an effort to promote the importance of #webperf throughout the business community.

At Rigor, we have leveraged many open source technologies created by this community to build a suite of performance, availability, and optimization tools. Our goal is to arm everyone with the ability to take the right actions to improve performance that negatively impacts business. Basically, we aim to harness the considerable knowledge of this community and to make it accessible to professionals from every background.

As a result, I often find myself discussing this vibrant community and many of its thought leaders with others. The other day, I stumbled across this blog from 2011 detailing the top twitter accounts in web performance. Almost immediately, I decided to make a list updated for the #webperf ecosystem in 2016.

Below, in no particular order, are those that we see as some of the top contributors to the #webperf community:

  • @tameverts – Tammy Everts has been an active voice in the #webperf community for years. No one has done more to research and evangelize the business impact of poor performance than Tammy. She is currently operating as the Director of Content for SOASTA and runs their blog: The Performance Beacon.
  • @igrigorik – Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google and co-chair of the W3C Web Performance Working group and author of High-Performance Browser Networking (O’Reilly) book. To borrow his own word, he is an “internet plumber.”
  • @souders – Steve Souders is the person that I affectionately refer to as “The Godfather of Web Performance.” As the Chief of Performance at, he was the creator of YSlow and published the “Performance Golden Rule” and the “14 Rules for Faster-Loading Sites.” After some time at Yahoo and Google, Steve has taken on a full-time role at Speedcurve.
  • @zoompf – Billy Hoffman founded the web performance company Zoompf in late 2009 and pioneered numerous techniques for identifying and improving the root-cause of site latency and other performance issues. We thought Billy was enough of a badass to bring him onto the Rigor team in 2015.
  • @patmeenan – Patrick Meenan created WebPageTest, arguably one of the most useful open-source performance testing tools in the industry. He is now working on ways to make Chrome more awesome at Google.
  • @ericlaw – For years, Eric Lawrence was an MVP working at Microsoft, where he was the only person in the world to say anything nice about Internet Explorer (usually right after he explained a very nuanced bug. If you want to get deep down into the mechanics of HTTP, TLS, caches, or proxies, Eric is the guy to follow. Eric now works on Google Chrome and writes cleverly named blog
  • @bluesmoon – Phillip Tellis is one of the original architects of Boomerang, an open source JavaScript library that measures the performance of a website from an end user’s point of view. Phillip is currently the Chief at making Boomerang even better at SOASTA.
  • @velocityconf –  This is the official twitter account for Velocity Conference, which is arguably the largest and most respected industry conferences for web performance.
  • @paul_irish – Paul Irish has spent the last 6 years working on Google’s Chrome team focused on building and improving the capabilities of Chrome developer tools. He has contributed to an assortment of open source tools such as Mordernizr and HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • @AndyDavies – Andy Davies wrote the definitive guide to using WebPageTest with O’Reilly and is extremely active in the community. Currently, he is the Director of Web Performance at NCC Group in the UK.

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