What is Rigor most thankful for? Our clients. Here are a few reasons why:

Y’all are funny as heck.

Our clients have a sense of humor and it makes every day fun. We’d share some examples with you but we’d have to kill you get permission from your legal department which would take a really long time. Keep the jokes, comments, memes, emojis coming. We can’t get enough!

You invite us over.

On-site client visits are our favorite things. It’s energizing; it’s a personal connection, and we learn new things every time. Not only have you invited us to your offices around the world, you’ve also hosted other Rigor users during user groups, advisory sessions, and performance meetups. Thanks for having us!

We love our jobs.  

I know it’s not about us, but we love what we do and our clients make that possible. We have purpose; our work is important, and we like solving hard problems like how to fix slow websites or incorporate performance into your continuous deploy.  Thanks for being loyal customers so we can come to work every day.

Great product suggestions.

Whether it’s face-to-face, in a support case, over Twitter, or on the Rigor Idea Exchange, we want to hear your challenges and suggestions. Our roadmap is a result of your partnership and input, and many of the best ideas come directly from clients. (Shameless plug: schedule a call with our Director of Product, Billy Hoffman, to share feedback.)

We love fast websites!

When we are shopping, reading online articles, or logging into an app or portal, we are SO THANKFUL you use Rigor. Speed is happiness.

You push us to be better every day.

We know you’re depending on us to build products that make your jobs easier and businesses more successful. This pushes us to go faster, listen better, and be smarter. When we hear something is working or not working that fuels our fire even more. Keep the communication coming.

We appreciate your feedback, trust, and partnership this week and every week.

To every web-perfectionist, we wish you lots of family time and uptime this holiday season.