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When, How, and What to Monitor

Victoria Williams

In a previous post, we examined the importance of monitoring and improving site performance from an end-user perspective, and what can happen when the user experience is neglected. Now, let’s switch into action mode to answer the when, how, and what of performance monitoring.In an ideal world, software developers would spend their limited time designing and implementing new features and functionality. But in the messy real world of application development, much...

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Monitoring Infrastructure Externally

Craig Hyde

 External monitoring is often associated with managing the front-end of applications, however, given proper configuration, it can also be a powerful method to monitor back-end infrastructure and service components. With a web application, when a page is rendered to the user, it is typically comprised of data from multiple sources, which converges together at the users browser. Thus, by measuring specific components on the front page, we are able to understand how the back end tiers are performing. ...

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