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Debunking 5 Myths About Performance Budgets

Alla Gringaus, Marla Blair

In a constantly changing environment, brands are likely to be iterating on sites and applications to make them bigger, faster, fancier, and more engaging while pushing the new and updated code out as quickly as possible. Without a set plan in place, any new script can damage performance, affecting user experience, and, therefore, business KPIs. We noticed a few common misperceptions about web performance budgets that can impact their adoption and setting that we would like to address. <...

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World’s Top Web Performance Leaders To Watch

Alla Gringaus

Whether you're a web performance expert, an evangelist for the culture of performance, a web engineer incorporating performance into your process, or someone new to the web performance entirely, you probably identify as curious, excited about new ideas, and always learning. We at Rigor respect many web performance leaders around the world. Here is our (ever-growing!) list of those who are making a significant impact on speeding up the web today. (Plus, at the end, a few bonus Twitter handles to round things out.) Presented here alphabeticall...

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Rigor Values in Action

Jennifer Carlson

We know that company culture is about more than the perks - it’s about the people we work with and the way we treat each other every day. From day one, Rigor has always focused on hiring positive, supportive, self-starting people. And as part of the community at Atlanta Tech Village, we honor the Village’s core values: Be Nice. Dream Big. Work Hard, Play Hard. Pay It Forward. And as we continued to grow as a company we found that there’s something specific about the way we do business together that makes us unique from our peers. L...

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Our Favorite Talks From Velocity Santa Clara

Anthony Ferrari

In June 2016, (part of) the growing Rigor team attended speaker sessions at the O'Reilly Velocity conference in Santa Clara. We attended sessions lead by performance and DevOps experts like Ilya Grigorik, engineering researcher and physician Richard Cook, and even our own Web Perfectionist, Billy Hoffman. The three day conference was full of education, thought provoking discussions, and networking. In case you weren't able to attend, here are takeaways from some of our favorite speaker sessions. 1. "Building a user-centric ops, sup...

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Does everyone on your team know that your site is unbearably slow, but you’re having trouble getting the resources you need to solve the problem? Did your epic site redesign that shaved off 4 seconds of load time on mobile devices go uncelebrated? If you know that your company needs to invest in web performance optimization, but you’re not sure where to start, this series will be helpful. Read on, friend. Unless you’re the boss and have the ability to start implementing processes right away, you’ll need to identify an executive spon...

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