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At Rigor we help our customers deliver performance wins, quantify those successes, and correlate the impact to the business metrics they care about the most. For example, we help customers deliver performance improvements that lead to not just faster load times, but also improved conversions and increased revenue. One of our customers, a U.S.-based enterprise eCommerce company, let’s call them “DJS”, was struggling to meet their performance goals and KPIs ahead of the busy holiday season. They turned to Rigor’s Faster-as-a-Service te...

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Google Analytics and Performance

Craig Hyde

Google Analytics, while intended for marketing professionals, gathers and reports on information that can be extremely useful during design, testing, and administration. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about visitors to a website. It is typically used by marketers to manage and maximize the conversion rates of their ad campaigns, and is the most widely used website statistics service in the world. The information gathered tells a story on the users, and how they interact with your we...

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