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What type of monitoring is best for you?

Victoria Williams

Gone are the days of colossal self-contained, stand-alone applications and singular business processes. Whereas once developers had to spend days and weeks writing functionality into an application, now they can quickly integrate functionality using a host of APIs (application programming interfaces) and microservices that enable them to create systems that are more flexible, modular, and easier to maintain. Let’s not forget about the Internet of Things (IoT), where the end user might even be your refrigerator or your car. According to St...

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As we look forward to 2017, we see signs of continued rapid innovation in the digital landscape. We expect microservices to be a big player in the field.In the past four years, interest in microservices have skyrocketed, as demonstrated above by Google searches on the topic. However, what are microservices? Why are the useful? What are their upsides and downsides? How will they impact any monitoring you might do on your website? This blog post attempts to answer these questions and show how they might affect you as you make plans for the...

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