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Whether you’re already familiar with waterfall charts or they’re new to you, you may be looking for some help with interpreting their lines, numbers, and colors. This article will give you an overview of six columns you are likely to see on a waterfall chart and share tips for using the information found within the chart to diagnose and address speed issues. This article will use a waterfall chart generated on the Rigor platform for the home page of the Rigor Knowledge Base as its prim...

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Optimization Options not Always Optimal

Anthony Robledo

Web designers and developers are always looking for ways to speed up their page load times. Yahoo has an excellent article written on the best practices for speeding up your page. How do you know if implementing one of their suggested practices will actually increase the performance of your page? The short answer is: you don’t.   When looking to implement some of these suggestions, it is important to understand what problem it aims to solve and whether it is advantageous for your site. Some techniques may require a lot of work, and little...

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