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The Future of APIs

Victoria Williams

Application Programming Interfaces, known colloquially as APIs, are simply mechanisms that enable communication between two or more pieces of software. More specifically, they are a collection of rules that govern who may access the information it holds, as well as what information that person may access (if any). Up until recently, the only way that software developers interacted with APIs was via commands issued to the API. However, as with everything else in the technology field, APIs are evolving, and not only will we see developers inte...

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Memorial Day is both somber and celebratory. Dedicated to remembering those who have fallen while serving in the United States military, Memorial Day also marks the unofficial kickoff of summer. One of the highlights of this three-day weekend is the sales, especially on seasonal items, such as barbecue grills, outdoor furniture, and other summertime mainstays. Regardless of what you’re selling, Memorial Day weekend has the potential to be a busy day for online sales, so here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your site performs well d...

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