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What type of monitoring is best for you?

Victoria Williams

Gone are the days of colossal self-contained, stand-alone applications and singular business processes. Whereas once developers had to spend days and weeks writing functionality into an application, now they can quickly integrate functionality using a host of APIs (application programming interfaces) and microservices that enable them to create systems that are more flexible, modular, and easier to maintain. Let’s not forget about the Internet of Things (IoT), where the end user might even be your refrigerator or your car. According to St...

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Synthetic, RUM, and a Brief History of APM

Chapman Lever

Before we dive into the topic of application performance monitoring (APM), it’s important to establish that APM is part of an overall market of products that monitor the performance of software. This market’s beginning revolved around identifying the bottlenecks associated with the various components of an application's infrastructure.There has been an evolution of infrastructure and content over the last 20-23 years of the Web that has contributed greatly to the need for testing and...

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You bought synthetic monitoring, and you’re well on your way to becoming a #webperfectionist. You can’t wait to dive in and start setting up checks that will give you visibility into performance and will make recommendations on how to improve. You want to configure your account so you can quickly find checks and other users understand what they’re seeing.  You also want the setup to scale if you add more sites, monitors, or complexity; it should be simple to maintain over time.  Lastly, the structure should align with your business g...

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