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We are happy to announce the release of our new public facing system status page!While we always strive for perfection at Rigor, we also understand the realities of the digital world. Systems may go down, partners may have troubles, or maintenance may need to occur. The Rigor System Status page is your one stop destination to keep tabs on the latest status of all Rigor systems. If you're a Rigor customer, we highly recommend you bookmark this page: https://status.rigor.com.Rigor employs the best engineers in the industry to monitor...

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The Public Status Page has been a popular feature for users who want to visualize the health of their applications at a glance, without having to log into their accounts. Some also use the Public Status Pages to be transparent about application performance with their customers.Another use of this page has been requested: Publicizing SLA data for performance and availability.To enable this, we've added the ability to display the past 12 months of data on the Public Status Pages. Just click the Monthly link on the table in your dashboard...

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New Feature: Public Status Page

Kyle Conarro

Finding performance issues starts with identifying failing Checks. Using our new Public Status Page feature, you can quickly see which Checks are having issues and prioritize your performance analysis accordingly. This page also serves as an accessible dashboard to share your site's status, simplifying communication among co-workers and customers alike. The Public Status Page displays both the current status of your Checks the status history of each Check for the past seven days. Hovering over a status history will show the Upt...

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