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We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to Rigor's Real Browser checks: our Real Browser Check V3 Platform (RBCv3). RBCv3 updates the underlying browser and infrastructure that Rigor uses to conduct synthetic browser tests. With RBCv3, Rigor now uses the latest version of Firefox ESR, improving the accuracy and consistency of our measures. In addition to more precise measurements, RBCv3 adds three new features. 1. Measuring Websites Over HTTP/2 With RBCv3, Rigor now supports testing how websites load over HTTP/2. HTTP/2 can provide a huge...

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Monitoring APIs with Authentication

Melanie Crissey

With the rise of microservices and connected systems, more and more data is being based back between services using APIs. Authentication for an API defines who has permission to access secure data or endpoints. This is especially important for APIs sharing sensitive information, APIs that allow end-users to make changes, or for companies that charge some cost for accessing data via API. And while securing an API for an individual human end-user is one undertaking, there are additional considerations as we authenticate systems for an increasing...

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