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5 Ways to Reduce Server Response Times

Billy Hoffman

Server bottlenecks aren’t typically the cause of slow load times, but this doesn’t mean that you are immune from server response times impacting your user's experience. In fact, server load times can pose a threat to your website's performance. If you haven't yet devoted time to optimizing this area, now is the time to start. In short, server response time (SRT) is the amount of time it takes for the web browser to receive a response. The clock begins as...

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How to Reduce Server Response Times

Jennifer Carlson

While server response times are usually not the primary bottleneck when it comes to slow page response and load times (slow server response times typically account for only 10% of the total delay time), there are still ways you can optimize your response times to improve your page’s performance. Using Rigor’s Waterfall Charts, you can analyze how long it takes for the server to respond to a request. The server’s response time to a request is determined as follows: Server Response Time = Time to Load HTML Necessary for Rende...

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