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Rigor’s robust Monitoring and Optimization APIs allow our customers to make the most of their data. While many of our customers are familiar with our API, there are some features which might not be as well known. In this article, I’m going to outline three awesome features of the Monitoring API that help users maximize Rigor. This article on our Knowledge Base breaks down how Rigor rolls up data and is the first place you should start.    There is the option to write query...

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New Feature: Bulk Check Creation and Management

Douglas Moski

Monitoring is essential to ensuring that digital properties are performing and functional. Because digital performance monitoring works best if you are watching all key areas of your sites and applications, customers rely on Rigor to provide ongoing insight as to the performance of their sites. This is important for companies of all sizes, however, enterprise organizations also face the added challenge of monitoring hundreds or thousands of business critical and revenue generating websites or web-based applications at scale. To effectively...

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