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Monitoring is essential to ensuring that digital properties are performing and functional. Because digital performance monitoring works best if you are watching all key areas of your sites and applications, customers rely on Rigor to provide ongoing insight as to the performance of their sites.This is important for companies of all sizes, however, enterprise organizations also face the added challenge of monitoring hundreds or thousands of business critical and revenue generating websites or web-based applications at scale. To effectively...

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There’s the old adage that knowledge is power. We like to think that the same is true of data because it provides insight and can be used as a jumping off point to make informed decisions. Our Optimization product, for instance, is predicated on helping our customers take informed, strategic actions based on the performance data Rigor provides.Within Rigor, users can read data in graphs or dashboards or pull data point-by-point. But what if someone wanted to pull their raw load data out of Rigor? This was the challenge that a customer fa...

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New Feature: Domain Performance Reports

Kyle Conarro

Rigor's Performance Report lets you visualize your site's performance over time. For Real Browser Checks, though, it can be difficult to pinpoint the specific page or domain causing performance issues. To provide more visibility into the performance of your Real Browser Checks, we are excited to introduce the Domain Performance Report.In Rigor, each Real Browser Check now also has a Domain Performance Report. Domain Performance Reports help us see how specific domains contribute to the check’s total response time over time....

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