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Each month Rigor sponsors the Atlanta Web Performance Meetup at our home in the Atlanta Tech Village. This event is a chance for attendees to network with other website developers, designers, and system administrators who all want to improve the user experience, lower abandonment rates, and raise conversation rates by making their websites fast.Various web performance meetups have been founded across the country, with the most notable being the NY Web Performance Meetup and the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Web Performance Meetup.Ou...

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API Testing vs. Monitoring

Hanna Woodburn

With the release of our free API Testing product, APITester.com, we have further enhanced our array of solutions designed to help ensure that you are delivering high-quality user experiences quickly and reliably.We’ve already outlined why API performance matters and what aspects of APIs to test, but what is the difference between API testing and monitoring?As with most things, context matters. The use cases for testing and monitoring are different because the objectives are different. The ultimate goal is to verify that your APIs are...

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Testing early and often for performance problems is an essential step in ensuring that you are delivering the best digital experience possible for your users. And, as anyone who has had to address performance problems once they are in production knows:  it sucks. Ideally, you want to catch any performance issues at the source. But, for many businesses this isn’t a reality. Why? We’d argue because they are still treating performance as special, rather than addressing it as an ongoing area to focus on.We advocate for treating performance...

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