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Debunking 5 Myths About Performance Budgets

Alla Gringaus, Marla Blair

In a constantly changing environment, brands are likely to be iterating on sites and applications to make them bigger, faster, fancier, and more engaging while pushing the new and updated code out as quickly as possible. Without a set plan in place, any new script can damage performance, affecting user experience, and, therefore, business KPIs. We noticed a few common misperceptions about web performance budgets that can impact their adoption and setting that we would like to address. <...

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When it comes to managing web performance, it’s vital to be proactive rather than reactive. To accomplish this goal, an organization needs to build internal processes and procedures that can operationalize a performance-first culture. The first step is to establish and implement web performance budgets. According to Tim Kadlec: A performance budget is a clearly defined limit on one or more performance metrics that the team agrees not to exceed and that is used to guide design and development. Just as a financial budget gives limits on sp...

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